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PHP Universal Feed Generator is the one you are looking for. It supports RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and ATO PHP-Scripte PHP-Tutorials PHP-Jobs und vieles mehr > Scripts > Apps und PHP Script Gesuche: RSS Feed Generator Login. Username: Passwort : eingeloggt bleiben: Jetzt registrieren Passwort vergessen : Registrieren: Blogs: Hilfe: Benutzerliste: Interessengemeinschaften : Kalender: Suchen: Heutige Beiträge: Alle Foren als gelesen markieren: Apps und PHP Script Gesuche Hier könnt ihr nach PHP. Home > PHP > How to read RSS feeds using PHP. Last updated on December 18th, 2019 by Yogesh Singh. How to read RSS feeds using PHP . In this tutorial, I will show how you can use PHP to read RSS feeds of the websites and showing recent post lists using it. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format which is used in many websites which allow web publisher to syndicates their latest posts or data. It is common to aggregate multiple sites' RSS feed into a single RSS feed. We may also come across the need of showing these feed items directly on the webpage as HTML content. After some study, I got one single PHP function in my hand that fetches an RSS feed and outputs HTML content in the page

Above we have seen how to build RSS Feed using Dynamic Mysql data in PHP. Here you can find Reading of XML RSS Feed data using PHP script. There are many website which has use XML RSS feed for received data from other site for display on their website When you see RSS feeds that have been generated by WordPress for example, you don't see the actual file name, you just get the containing folder. To do this, create a folder in the root directory of the site and call it 'feed'. Create a file in this new folder called 'index.php' and copy the code above into it

Dieses PHP-Skript speichern wir nun in der Datei generate-feed.php Den RSS Feed auf dem Server ablegen Wie einen die Methode save () im obigen Code schon vermuten lässt, wird der RSS Feed in einem Ordner namens rss auf dem Server gespeichert RSS Generator First of all it's an online RSS feed generator. This service allows you to create RSS feed out of almost any web page. Your only task is to provide us with target URL and point on desired blocks in our visual RSS builder. The rest is our job. And you get your feed in second In this article I will show you how easily you can generate RSS feed in PHP Laravel. Prerequisites. Hope you guys have a Blog or CMS developed in Laravel where you want to implement this RSS feed. And if your looking to host and play for free credits then you can setup your server with DigitalOcean, Linode or any other cloud platform. Step 1 - Installing Laravel spatie/laravel-feed Package. Generate RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 or ATOM Formatted Feeds This package can be used to generate feeds in either RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 or ATOM format. Applications can create a feed object, several feed item objects, set several types of properties of either feed and feed items, and add items to the feed

This package can be used to generate a RSS feed with a fluent interface. It provides several classes to compose several parts of the RSS feed like the feed, channel and items. Items can be added to a channel and the channel can be added to a feed. The composed RSS feed XML can be outputted in RSS 2.0 format Full RSS Feed Generator ; Free tool to convert truncated RSS to Full Text RSS Feeds to use on any rss reader, mobile, kindle, autoblog. . .as full text content. This is completely free, fast, reliable service, no ads and 100% success. Just enter the web url or feed url then press Create Full Text RSS or simply press the Enter key. You can leave the options as default or change them as your need How to Easily Make your own RSS feed using PHP + SQL. RSS Feed is an important part of a website/blog to attract and bring back users and make them permanent readers. Blogs like wordpress have built in rss reader, but if your website doesn't have a rss system this tutorial is just the thing you need. As we know, RSS feeds usually using to.

Create RSS Feed. Generate RSS feeds from any Website. Free online generator tool. Plans and Pricing Buy Access PIN Agencies. Customer Support. Call Us Email Us Help Center Send Feedback ☰ Sitemap Generator RSS Generator Google Shopping Feeds Yandex Shopping Feeds iTunes Podcast Feeds. Log In or Register. English Support. Русский Call Us Email Us HelpDesk . Sitemap Generator RSS. Our RSS generator service analyzes the desired target page you specify and tracks for new updates, crawls publications, extracting and converting the content into RSS 2.0 format according to сonfigurable parameters. As a result, you get a customized and flexible RSS feed that can be connected with any RSS reader or syndication channel PHP script bestanden. rss-feed-generator . Er zijn 7 reacties op 'Rss feed generator' PHP hulp 0 seconden vanaf nu . Gesponsorde koppelingen - - 16 jaar geleden . 0 -0 . Nice :-) Kevichill 16 jaar geleden . 0 -0 . Ziet er goed uit ;) Joren de Wit 16 jaar geleden . 0 -0 . Netjes Boaz! Deze gaat tussen de bookmarks, hij komt zeker nog wel een keertje van pas... Sip 16 jaar geleden.

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An RSS Feed is a dynamically generated summary of information published on other web sites- so when the published RSS changes, your web site will be automatically changed too. Think of it as a box you define on your web page that is able to update itself, whenever the source of the information changes, your web page does too, without you having to do a single thing to it. Learn How to Make RSS Feed for Website using PHP. How to Generate Custom RSS Feed in PHP with Mysql. How can we create Dynamic RSS Feed in PHP. How to Create.. Damit lassen sich Webseiten über sogenannte Feedreader abonnieren, Nutzer über neue Einträge benachrichtigen oder andere kreative Verwendungszwecken zuführen. In diesem Tutorial geht es darum, zu zeigen, wie die Daten aus einem RSS-Feed mit PHP ausgelesen und für den Anwendungszweck passend aufbereitet werden können

Beim Feed Generator einfach die URL zum Feed eingeben (zb. den Feed zu den Google News) Gewünschtes Design, wie Schriftgröße, Schriftfarbe, Hintergrundfarbe usw. wählen und Code generieren oder in der Vorschau anzeigen lassen und so oft ändern bis das gewünschte Design erzielt ist - Code kopieren und an gewünschter Stelle einbauen -fertig This package can be used to generate RSS 2.0 feeds. There are separate classes for the RSS XML document, the feed channel definition, the feed items definition, the search text input definition and the feed logo image definition. The compose a RSS feed it is necessary to create object a RSS feed channel object and add item objects to its definition The Channable product feed management tool allows you to manage your feeds easily. With the Channable product feed manager you can create data feeds for over 2500 channel

In this article you'll learn how to syndicate your own custom RSS feeds using PHP and MySQL. We'll first learn how to create two database tables and then how to retrieve data from them which will be formatted into an RSS feed. Here's an example of the completed RSS feed and a download link to the code. Let's start by taking a look at how to create the MySQL database tables. Creating the MySQL. How to implement Generate RSS Feed with PHP. This post explains how to create RSS feed for web projects with PHP. It's simple code just you have to include the basic RSS stucture in while loop Erzeugen eines RSS Feed (rss.xml) für deine Webseite. Titel des Feeds * URL der Webpräsenz ( Benötigt für rss.xml import ) * Kurzbeschreibung des Feeds * Sprache des Feeds * Autor des Feeds * URL einer einzubindenden Grafik Bildtitel. Link zum RSS Feed Work with RSS feeds using PHP and cURL. Posted on November 17, 2010 by Adam Patterson. Categories: Archived. cURL or Client URL Library is a very powerful tool and its something that I recently had to use while working with two APIs one for Unfuddle and one for HelpSpot. PHP supports libcurl, a library created by Daniel Stenberg, that allows you to connect and communicate to many different.

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  1. An RSS feed generator will be an indispensable tool in making it possible to widen content distribution. More so, with the help of an RSS feed generator, you will also find it easier to automate the delivery of content. There is no need to use emails and other channels to provide your readers with an update on the latest content. Your RSS feed alone will be more than enough. Why Choose Free.
  2. Feed On Feeds Uses Magpie. server based PHP RSS aggregator built with MagpieRSS ; easy to install, easy to use. MagpieRSS 0.5 Released . supports transparent HTTP gzip content negotiation for reduced bandwidth usage; quashed some undefined index notices; Why? I wrote MagpieRSS out of a frustration with the limitations of existing solutions. In particular many of the existing PHP solutions.
  3. This page offers an easy way to embed RSS feeds in HTML webpages. One line of code in your webpage, and easily-styled HTML will be generated, with no advertisements or other restrictions. Use the form below to generate the code to include in your webpage: URL of RSS feed: Show feed title Show feed icon Length of feed item descriptions: Hide descriptions Show up to words Don't limit length.
  4. Bei den Scripten gibt es RSS entweder standardmäßig oder es existieren häufig Hacks, um den RSS-Feed zu realisieren. Für ein Weblog mit RSS würde ich blogger.com als Dienstleister und wordpress.org als Script empfehlen. Für einen Newsbereich mit RSS-Feed nutze ich cutephp.com - allerdings benötigt man einen Hack, um den RSS-Feed.
  5. Hi, Wie kann ich externe RSS Feeds in meine Homepage einbinden? Danke im Vorraus, Jens9
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Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge RSS feed based post generator autoblogging plugin that uses the SimplePie API to turn your website into a autoblogging or even a money making machine! You can automatically generate posts based on a set of predefined rules. These rules can generate posts from: Any blog that has a public RSS Feed available. All RSS feed. Creating RSS feed in xml format with PHP and SQL . RSS (Rich Site Summary) is an important feature for online publishers and readers as it provides platform to get frequently updated content like blogs, news, articles, audio, video so the readers do not have to check site for updates. If you own a website where content is updated frequently then you must have RSS feed enabled so your readers. The RSS feed is the foundation for your podcast distribution. You can have the best podcast in the world, but if you don't optimize for searchability, you might not be heard. Adding a solid description for the RSS feed and adding an audio transcript in the show notes is valuable. The best way to do this is to get your podcast transcribed by Rev for $1.25 per minute of audio content. You. Download Podcast Generator for free. Open Source Podcast Publishing Solution. Podcast Generator is an open source Content Management System written in PHP and specifically designed for podcast publishing. It provides the user with the tools to easily manage all of the aspects related to the publication of a podcast, from the upload of episodes to its submission to the iTunes store

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First thing you need to do is create the new RSS feed in your theme's functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin: add_action('init', 'customRSS'); function customRSS(){ add_feed('feedname', 'customRSSFunc'); } The above code triggers the customRSS function, which adds the feed. The add_feed function has two arguments, feedname, and a callback function. The feedname will make up your new. Today, I am going to share with you example of rss feed generator using roumen/feed package package in our laravel 5, laravel 6, laravel 7 and laravel 8 application. As we know, RSS feed is very basic requirement for any blog web-site, news-latter website, tutorial website etc. RSS feed help to inform new update of website using email Provide your Affiliate Program token and we will add it to the links you get here. Not a member yet? Joining is free and easy. Learn Mor

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Hello I would like to strip most HTML tags from the RSS feed and just leave <p> and some other basic tags. Also I want to make it so the feed ignore the <!-more> tag which truncates my posts so that the feed will have the full text PHP: RSS Feed Reader Code Example Tweet 0 Shares 0 Tweets 1 Comments. This page provides some sample code based on our RSS and Atom Feed Reader PHP classes. The HTML generated by this example is the BBC News RSS feed displayed belown on the right hand side of the page. BBC News - Home. Sinopharm: Chinese Covid vaccine gets WHO emergency approval It says the Sinopharm vaccine, which has been. If you want to follow Instagram feeds as RSS, check this out. You might be a freelancer who tracks specific Facebook pages for inspiration, or a content curator who needs to scoop up the best content for his industry. Regardless of your needs, here are several ways to convert Facebook public page feeds to a nice, always fresh RSS feed. NB*: THE TOOLS LISTED BELOW WORKED WHEN WE TESTED, WE DO. 4. RSS Feed Reader - PHP Script. This is a much talked about RSS feed PHP script that lets you create a dynamic RSS feed portal. With this script, you can allow RSS submissions from the users. Further, you can ask the users to submit category, subcategory, feed name, feed URL and other details RSS feed generator for yahoo, Bizrate and Shopzilla Hi, I need an RSS feed generator for a flat file shopping cart that would be compatible with Yahoo RSS feeds, Bizrate and Shopzilla RSS feeds as well

Podcast Generator is an open source CMS specifically designed for podcast publishing. It provides the user with the tools to easily manage all of the aspects related to the publication of a podcast, from the upload of episodes to its submission to the iTunes store In previous article I had created a RSS feed using PHP DOMDocument class, and today we are going to use PHP SimpleXML to create the same. PHP SimpleXML can be used to manipulate XML documents easily, it can read data from XML files/strings, and edit nodes and attributes. SimpleXML functions are part of PHP 5+, so everyone using PHP 5 and up requires no additional extensions to use its functions Fast jede Webseite jedes Foum und jeder Webblog bieten News-Feeds im RSS/RDF/ATOM/XML Format an. Diese Feeds bestehen aus kleinen Dateien und sind meist in RSS Formatiert. RSS ist eine XML-basierte Familie von Dateiformaten und steht für die folgenden Standards: Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.9.x), RDF Site Summary (RSS 1.0) und Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0) Feedity will generate an RSS file without having to input each item. FeedForAll - A paid program that will allow you to create RSS feeds to upload to your website. It also has specialized tools for creating podcast feeds for iTunes. RSS.app - A site that allows you to create RSS feeds from any website and social media. It allows you to. Hugo feed template by Alex Kessinger; Hugo feed template by Fredrik Jonsson; Python feed validator by Alex Kessinger; Ruby feedparser gem support added by Gerald Bauer; RSS/Atom to JSON Feed converter and web service by Andrew Chilton; PHP JSON Feed Generator by Mateus Guimarães; PHP JSONFeed library by Jérémy DECOOL; PHP feed-io library by.

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  1. Einen RSS Feed erstellen. Wenn du die Leserschaft deiner Webseite steigern oder deine Webseite mit einem Podcast groß machen willst, brauchst du einen RSS Feed. Der RSS Feed hält deine Benutzer in Bezug auf deine neuesten Artikel oder..
  2. Manage all your RSS feed sources from a single page. Set all RSS feeds to fetch new content automatically. Customise the display templates to match your website's design. Built-in shortcode and block to display your feeds in seconds. RSS feed auto-discovery for sources with hard-to-find RSS feeds. Import and display playable Youtube videos on.
  3. MIGANO Online Tools - RSS Feed Creator + RSS Feed Editor + RSS Feed Viewer. Ihr Browser ist leider zu alt und wird daher nicht mehr unterstützt. Dazu wird JavaScript benötigt. Als Benutzer anmelden Anmeldung. Allgemeines Allgemeines. Übersicht. Intern. Kontakt. Impressum. Datenschutz. Browserspiele Browserspiele. Übersicht alle Spiele. Arcade und Action. Arcade und Action . CoronaX. Tetris.
  4. Home » Webdevelopment » PHP » PHP RSS Feed Generator Class. Categories. Bash Scripting (1) C (1) Infos (7) Inspiração (1) linux (4) Produtividade (1) Projectos (7) Segurança (10) Tecnologia (12) Uncategorized (6) Webdevelopment (27) Acessibilidade (2) CSS (2) JavaScript (5) Optimização (6) PHP (10) SEO (1) Usabilidade (2) PHP RSS Feed Generator Class 13 . July 28, 2010 in PHP.

RSS Feeds The following describes Really Simple Syndication (RSS): RSS Syndicates site content. Defines an easy way to share and view headlines and content. RSS files can be automatically updated. RSS is XML. Implementing RSS Feed with Web API There are many more articles flying on the internet about implementing RSS Feed. But here, I am providing a simple way to implement RSS feed with the. Embed RSS feed, Google Calendar, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram widget on any website or blog in just minutes. You can customize layout and design without coding knowledge. It updates content on the widget automatically once you insert it on your site RSS Button Maker/Generator Tool If you are a regular user of this tool for your website please support us by linking to it, We know people do 100s of query per day and don't care to support us. If you cant support us we can't continue to keep this tool Ad free. We are not like others. There are other tool providers we know of who have the same tools we have but like to charge more than 40$ a. Read your RSS feeds on your mobile without requiring any third-party application. Self hostable. Your data is yours! Host your aggregator and do not depend on anyone. Requirements . You are convinced by FreshRSS but you do not know what you need? Keep calm and have a look at the following table: FreshRSS 1.10 requirements; Software Recommended Works also with; Web server: Apache2: Nginx. CaRP is a PHP script that lets you generate RSS feeds for your web page. CaRP comes in two different versions: LE (basic) and Evolution (enhanced). The LE version allows no control on the appearance of your feeds, while the Evolution version comes with sixteen free bonus plugins to let you customize your RSS-generating experience: auto-update feeds, add images, embed videos, select which part.

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Step 0: RSS 2.0 Introduction RSS is a web content syndication format. It stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is written in XML. All RSS files must conform to the XML 1.0 specification, as published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).With RSS, it is possible to distribute up-to-date web content from one web site to thousands of others around the world We're building a news analysis system and we had been looking for a tool to retrieve full articles from RSS feeds for quite a while. Your program saved us a lot of time! Sylvain Rochleau. Hosted plans. The fastest way to get started. Feed Control € 4. 50. monthly. Full-Text RSS feed expansion Filter content Up to 10 items returned per feed No fivefilters.org link in output See plans. Create Sitemaps, RSS and Product Feeds without technical skills. Cloud outsourcing in a couple of clicks is real! Automate the creation of Sitemaps, RSS and Product feeds for your projects with incredibly flexible customization and setting up of the tasks. More reliable and effective than Server-side software and CMS plug-ins. MySitemapGenerator will work for sites on any platform, programming. Hugo ships with its own RSS 2.0 template that requires almost no configuration, or you can create your own RSS templates PHP: RSS Feed Reader: Source Code Tweet 0 Shares 0 Tweets 27 Comments. This page presents a simple class with a constructor and two public functions: getOutput returns an HTML-formatted version of the RSS feed, while getRawOutput returns all the attributes in a single multi-level array

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  1. Generate RSS and JSON feeds from a set of links or other web page elements. Perfect for sites which don't offer feeds. PDF Newspaper. Turn your favourite web feed into a printable newspaper-style PDF. Term Extraction. Convert a piece of text or a web article into a list of relevant terms. Useful for tagging. Txtify.it. Convert a web article into plain text. No ads, tracking, links, or images.
  2. Full Content RSS Feed or full rss generator is the best full-text-rss-feed converter. It's an online tool to convert partial rss feed to full story rss feed. Many websites only provides a headline with short excerpt of the main article in their rss feeds, to read full articles or news you have to click the link and go to their websites. Now you can easily & quickly grab full articles and news.
  3. Full text RSS feeds import (with image) (with image): by extracting the entire HTML from each feed item, you can import full text content to post, not just the feed excerpt. Multiple feed templates : choose the best template for each feed, such as standard grid layout, blog layout, online shop layout, or audio playback (soundcloud) playout

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If you've been blogging for a while, you probably have used your fair share of RSS feed generators. The most popular, I believe, was Feedburner. Well, Feedburner is a thing of the past it was useful and worked for a long time but with the bombardment of images through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media outlets, the short little summary Feedburner provided doesn. If you have created a website powered by WordPress, the chances are that you're are going to publish new content on a daily basis or at least weekly. If so, you will want to hand out your content to users. While many of them will get updates from your site through the site itself and the social media pages you create, you shouldn't forget about the RSS feed RSS Feeds for Instant Articles. Instant Articles support syndication using a secure RSS feed. This feed can integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow if new stories are automatically syndicated as Instant Articles whenever you publish them from your regular content management system. Note that this will need to be an Instant Articles-specific RSS feed and is not the same as other RSS. Amazon assiociate rss feed generator I need some one create a website like [url removed, to view] that can generate a rss feed from amazon. Skills: PHP , Software Architectur Flickr RSS Feed Generator IMG2TXT Logo Maker. All Tools. Biorhythms Business Card Generator Color Palette Generator Color Picker Comic Strip Maker Crapola Translator Favicon Generator Flickr RSS Feed Generator IMG2TXT Invent-a-Word Rainbow Words Ringtone Composer ROT13 Subwords! TXT2GIF Weather by Zip What's Happening Word Association. Points of Interest. Giftputer - Find the Perfect Gift.

bhaktaraz / php-rss-generator. Schedule Inspection. Subscribe GitHub Access Token became invalid It seems like the GitHub access token used for retrieving details about this repository from GitHub became invalid. This might prevent certain types of inspections from being run (in particular, everything related to pull requests). Please ask an admin of your repository to re-new the access token. I can get to the RSS feed url, but the reader just says this feed contains no entries?? Using this on IIS for Windows. Using this on IIS for Windows. This comment has been minimized Unlimited Sitemap Generator. Having an XML sitemap for your site is an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO).. By creating and submitting XML sitemaps you are more likely to get better freshness and coverage in search engines.. Our Unlimited Sitemap Generator is an easy to install php script which is designed to run on the server that hosts your website

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  1. Generate RSS graphics and buttons in seconds, with free RSS button tool from FeedForAll
  2. Note. All service operations that apply the WebGetAttribute attribute are mapped to HTTP GET requests. To map your operation to a different HTTP method, use the WebInvokeAttribute instead. For more information, see How to: Create a Basic WCF Web HTTP Service
  3. feed-rss2.php Displays your entries in RSS 2.0 format. feed-rss.php Displays your entries in RSS 0.92 format. feed-rdf.php Displays your entries in RDF/RSS 1.0 format feed-atom.php Displays your entries in Atom format. feed-atom-comments.php Displays comments - either the most recent comments on all posts, or the comments on a specific post - in Atom format. feed-rss2-comments.php Displays.
  4. Online RSS tool to help you view RSS feed data into xml. Convert RSS feed url to xml. Rss xml to Html viewer and Convert rss feed xml to json What can you do with RSS Viewer ? It helps to load rss feed from url and give html output as well as XML script behind RSS feed
  5. rss feed generator. Support requests, bug reports, etc. go here. Dedicated servers / VDS hosting only. Locked Print view; Search Advanced search. 18 posts Previous; 1; 2; chas Bear Rating Trainee Posts: 4 Joined: 07 Sep 2006, 19:46. Quote; Post by chas » 07 Sep 2006, 19:49 . i would love to see a front end and a back end.... 1. front end: ALL categories listed, panel of list of 5+ recent feed.
  6. theoretisch sollte doch auch ein RSS feed generator mit node-red möglich sein. Hat das schon jemand gemacht? 1 Reply Last reply Reply Quote 0. First post . Last post . Support us. ioBroker. Community Adapters . Donate. Suggested Topics. A. Node Red Array in ioBroker nutzen Skripten / Logik • • andre1000. 7. 0 Votes. 7 Posts. 10898 Views. A. Hallo, vielen Dank für den Tip. Habe es jetzt.
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  1. Display any RSS or Atom feeds on your website or blog! Convert RSS Feeds to HTML, Javascript, PHP or ASP. Customize colors of rss widget to 170 different colors. Dispaly weather feeds, news feeds, affiliate feeds and more on your site or blog. View More Info on How to Display RSS on your Website or Blog View Sample Customized Feeds
  2. How to publish news in an RSS feed? There are several means to generate RSS feeds. Using the RSS library of PHP. A PHP script will build the XML file from titles and descriptions of pages from the content of a page. Use a specialized tool to extract the data from a page. To give access to the XML file, a link is displayed: o
  3. RSS feed; Random Stripe Generator. I wrote this script to generate random stripe patterns for sweaters, scarves, blankets, etc. It'll give you an idea of what the finished object will look like, but it still leaves some unpredictability to the stripe pattern. Try it out by entering your colors and desired stripe widths below. If you have limited amounts of certain colors, try the weighted.
  4. I needed to generate a valid RSS feed from a Twitter user's timeline, but only for tweets that matched a certain pattern. Here's how I did it using PHP. First, I added the dependency on the TwitterOAuth library by Abraham Williams: $ composer require abraham/twitteroauth. This library will handle all of my communication and authentication with Twitter's API. Then I created a read-only.
  5. Unlimited PHP Sitemap Generator / Problems with RSS feed Gain New Customers! Be #1 in Google for your keywords. Gain lots of quality website visitors. « previous next » Pages: 1. Carlos.Vilela91. 2; Problems with RSS feed « on: November 21, 2015, 08:48:03 PM » Hi, I just purchased the program but have some questions. I want to enable my RSS Feed but can not. Since the generator I have.
  6. Banner Generator Programmieren (JosefausRoxel) RSS-Feed; Forum als gelesen markieren; Banner Generator (Konzept entwickeln) Banner Generator (Konzept entwickeln) Letzte Antwort. Thema; Autor; Datum; Antworten; Likes; Zugriffe; Letzte Antwort; Filter; So nicht mehr zu Zeitaufwendig. JosefausRoxel ; Vor 7 Stunden; JosefausRoxel; Vor 7 Stunden; Antworten 0 Zugriffe 3. Ablaufplan (17.05.2021.
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